So I had this idea of having the OFIBTY Wiki Awards (OWAs) We can vote and have a ceremony with special guest singers and maybe even acceptance speeches :P. I have come up with the follwing categories. Every category will have 3/5 nominees:

  • Best Writer Presented by Nasia
  • Best Joker Presented by Ellie
  • Best Avi/DPs Presented by Shan
  • Best Fanfic Presented by Ellie
  • Best Story Presented by Shan
  • Best Competition Presented by Tyler
  • Most Friendly Presented by Tyler
  • Most Dramatic Presented by Joey
  • Worst Liar Presented by Nasia
  • Biggest Failer Presented by John
  • Most Horny Presented by Mau
  • Best Artist Presented by Andrew
  • Best Userpage Presented by Mau
  • Best Couple Presented by John
  • Those who should get together Presented by Nasia
  • Best Chat Moment Ever Presented by Tom
  • Best Emoticon Presented by Tom
  • Person who is obsessed the most with a celebrity Presented by Delilah
  • Most Attractive Male Presented by Delilah
  • Most Attractive Female Presented by Joey

Thats all for now...if you have any other ideas comment and I'll add them
Also, post your nominees, please!

Category Nominee Nominee Nominee Nominee Nominee
Best Writer Ellie Manuel Emmett
Best Joker Tom Tyler Delilah Shan Nasia
Best Avis/DPs Nasia Tyler Mau Joey
Best Fanfic The X Factor:Fantasy Fight To the Finish 2 Fight To the Finish 1 The OFIBTY X Factor The OFIBTY Wiki Superheros/The Fanfic
Best Story OHSIBTY FAME Magazine Jacks and Aces
Best Competition The Users Challenge Fight To the Finish Cutthroat Challenge
Most Friendly Joey Nasia Sam
Most Dramatic Manuel Delilah Shan Emmett
Worst Liar Tom Manuel Sam Shan Delilah
Biggest Failer Nasia Manuel Andrew
Most Horny Delilah Tyler Andrew
Best Artist Ellie Mau Joey
Best Userpage Tyler Nasia Delilah Joey Ellie
Best Couple Andany (Andrew and Tiffany) Shoey (Shan and Joey) Telly (Tom and Ellie)
Those who should get together Tylilah (Tyler and Delilah) Mam (Manuel and Sam) Druela (Drew and Manuela) Masia (Manuel and Nasia) Gaguel (Gage and Manuel)
Best Chat Moment Ever Deli Has Herpes Heyyyyy Andrew's Fail Korean Invisible Deli
Best Emoticon AYKM.png BlobPink.gif Emoticon-00114-dull.gif Happybounce.gif Put_your_fingers_in_the_air_by_Droneguard.gif
PWIOTMWAC Nasia (Jacob Artist) Manuel (Melissa Benoist) Shan (Loreen) Delilah (Björk)
Most Attractive Male Joey Tyler Andrew
Most Attractive Female Delilah Nasia Tiffany Shan

The OWA's Comitee

If there is a tie (in the nomination stage) or we're missing nominees, this comitee will decide. It will consist of 4/5 people to vote for the comitee members click here. If there is a tie in the results, both nominees will receive the award.Also, the comitee will decide the date and time (please make it a saturday ;o), Ill choose the live performers.

Comitee Members:

Live Performers

  1. Bruno Mars singing Locked Out of Heaven
  2. Ke$ha singing Die Young
  3. Rihanna singing Diamonds
  4. P!nk singing Try
  5. Coldplay singing Paradise
  6. Adele singing Skyfall
  7. Paul McCartney singing TBA
  8. Taylor Swift singing I Knew You Were Trouble


Every category will have 1 presenter. You can present up to 3 categories. (You cant present a category youre nominated in) Before you start picking, I claim Most Horny and Best Userpage >:)



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