Ladies and Gentlemen, Im proud to announce the OWAs Comitee!

On the first seat is Tyler

On the second seat is Nasia

There was a CUADRIPLE tie in third place between Andrew, Delilah, Joey, and Manuel. To break the tie, Ill borrow a TUC idea (since I wanted to do this a long time ago Isawemoticon) and this is a Scanvenger Hunt! Ill post clues on random wikis (on my userpage) and a number besides each clue. You will have to make a key word based on the numbers. Who discovers the word first, will win the firt spot. Then, the reamining three will go on a second Scavenger Hunt with the same rules. Lets begin! Clue Number One: 

16 I'm still standing, eventhough I'm dead

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