Since all inactive users have been eliminated and since the prize is a temporary chatmod status on both OFIBTY and TGP Wiki, I'll make it more interactive . All, the spoilers I gave are now untrue (except for HWA and MV songs) First: Mentors will now be users on this wiki. I chose the mentor each week (Acording to their personality and likes), so I'll tell you soon if you well be mentoring, and which theme you are mentoring. Mentors: Pick your winner wisely, don't choose your favorites, choose the person who fits the best on the theme. Second: I'll will play the role of Robert. I will also hold auditions to choose Nikki and Zach. Whoever is chosen, will nominate a person to be on the bottom three, and will choose their person's LCP song, and we three will choose the week's MVP. In the end,everyone will vote for the person they want to save (please, please don't make this biased, and ? don't. use it to hurt others feelings, pick the one who you think deserves to stay because of the THEME).Three: On the finale, I'll let the finalists choose their LCP songs. That's all for the moment... Good luck!

Note : Brandon Has Been Elected as Nikki Anders and Justin as Zach Woodlee

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