This is my Thousandth edit!! Emoticon-00137-clapping.gif anyways...

This is a new competition which is directed mainly to admins, but anyone can sign in. Every episode there will be a challenge, and there can be 2 types of weeks: A normal week, a Team Work week, and there will be 5 themes:Community, Functionality, Design, Art, and Coding. Things will get harder each week. Every episode there will be a person sent home, and a bottom 2. Elimination will work just like in FTF. I will be the host. Since there are only 5 people, not every week there will be an elimination. There is no prize, unless you want to have one :P Sign in if youd like to participate :) (you may still sign in)


  • Delilah
  • Joey
  • John
  • Mark
  • Nasia

Challenge One

This week is a normal week, and the theme is...Design and Functionality! You will have to create a chat design. Make it colorful, cool, fun to use, but that doesnt "hurt eyes". Something that can look cool and be useful.The one with the most votes will be the winner and this winner will choose the people who they think did the worst in the challenge. Paste a full screen screenshoot when its done. Clear chat, and say Sample. Try to not have anybody on chat when you screencap it. Good luck. Due date: TBA

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