So I had a n idea on chat about having a year end wiki yearbook. We will have certainn categories, and Mark had the idea of using the ones at the end of the video of Firework from TGP Season 1. I think this is great but theyre not enough. Thses are the ones I found...

  • Class Clown
  • Most likely to be a fashion designer
  • Most likely to be a fitness instructor
  • Most likely to be a country bumpkin
  • Most likely to be a swimsuit model
  • Most likely to be a nerd forever
  • Most likely to go his own way
  • Most likely to be a heartbreaker
  • Most likely to be a soap star
  • Most likely to be in a shampoo commercial
  • Most likely to be a kid forever
  • Best Friends

We are missing some categories...If you have some ideas for categories, COMMENT!! :D

After we have all categories we will vote for who get what!

I also need some help with designing the yearbook.....

Thats all for now except for.....


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