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  • PrisonInHeart

    Belgrade Blog.

    August 20, 2015 by PrisonInHeart

    Hi sluts.

    So as you may or may not know I am currently in Serbia and will not be able to come on today as I am exhausted and will be going to bed at 7 pm (yes Sean, I'm 80). I doubt I'll come on tomorrow since I'll be out all day but the day after that I am coming back (MISS TEEN USA) and yeah so basically since I won't be able to come on I just wanna tell you a few things that I wanna tell you since I'll probably forget them by Saturday.

    So I had two near death experiences today: first, in the plane. While we were landing the plane dropped suddenly and I thought it was a a free fall and I nearly shat my pants. Second, MY UNCLE DRIVES LIKE A FUCKING LUNATIC OKAY but don't tell him I said that 'cause he's a cop and would probably shoot me, wh…

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  • PrisonInHeart

    Shit Sean Says

    August 15, 2015 by PrisonInHeart

    • "So I had my AC on last night. So I woke up this morning thinking it was January and Bernie was being inaugurated later today. and then I was sad for like 3 minutes."

    • Delilah: "I didn't realize you guys lived on Long Island." Sean: "We do." Delilah: "Which town?" Sean: "All of them."
    • Me: "There's something in my throat." Sean: "It's probably a dick."
    • ==
    • Delilah: "nina's literally sexually attracted to bernie" Sean: "she's literally sexually attracted to everything"

    • Delilah: "sean did u know nina only showers on sundays" Sean: "well she needs to rid herself of sins somehow"

    • Me: "Daddyyyy" Sean: "Oh dear God." Me: "Wait why am I calling you daddy? Tyler is my daddy." Sean (whispering menacingly to himse…

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  • PrisonInHeart be in a Skype call with Shan while they were watching Carmilla. I've decided to continue what Sean was doing and list out the quotes Shan said over the course of the episode.

    • "YAAAAAAY!"
    • "NOOOOO!"
    • "Ooouh, that's not good."
    • "Oh-oh."
    • "Now is not the time for jokes, Laura."
    • "Where did she go?!" Me: Who? "The person in the video. She just vaNISHed!".
    • *burps* "Pardon me."
    • *burps 8 more times*
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  • PrisonInHeart


    June 23, 2015 by PrisonInHeart

    I've just went over my old blog posts and I am literally cringing sfm

    Why was I so stupid when I was 13/14 like wHY DIDN'T YOU STOP ME

    But I did come across an old blog post of mine where I literally wrote this:

    And all of you are lazy bcuz ur never in chat

    And I'm the only one who gets her but off a chair and comes to chat

    Though technically I'm still on a chair

    But my butt likes it so there's no reason I get up

    So my new motto in life is to never get off a chair because apparently my butt likes it.

    In one year, I will be cringing at this so hard but okay

    Also I haven't slept at all tonight and I was really bored so I've embellished your user profiles a little bit and I hope you like it :)

    Also I clicked on "random page" a lot and I found some page…

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  • PrisonInHeart


    July 30, 2013 by PrisonInHeart

    Ya'll should be scared in 3...2...1...

    But no seriously. Hai. I've missed you all. :*

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