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    Hello wonderful people. I have decided that i would love to write a hunger games fan fic featuring Glee Stars and TGP Contestants. For now i will just post who is competiting and i will aslo need you guys to sponsor a contestant. Right now i just want 1 sponsor per contestant, but i dont get enough sponsors you may ask for another. Im giving this fan fic to Manuel now, since i must leave this wiki for personal reasons.

    District Contender 1 Sponsor Contender 2 Sponsor
    1 Melissa Benoist Mauricio Blake Jenner Tom
    2 Naya Rivera Tyler Charlie Lubeck Shan
    3 Vanessa Lengies Mark Samuel Larsen

    4 Aylin Bayramoglu Sam Jacob Artist Nasia
    5 Emily Vasquez Justin Mark Salling

    6 Marissa Bon Bleicken Andrew Chord Overstreet Rae
    7 Dianna Agron Joey Michael Weisman

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  • RyleyLover08

    This fan fic has been offically cancelled!!!!!!!!!

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