• ShoeyOTP

    Coffee :O

    April 28, 2013 by ShoeyOTP

    Ok, so i tried Coffee today...

    After like 9 years (i first tried it at age 7 and it disgusted me)


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  • ShoeyOTP

    Yes I'm taking a break

    April 2, 2013 by ShoeyOTP

    I know you're all going to be shocked from this because I'm on the chat quite a lot. But i just need a break, lately I don't feel like i fit in and when I do feel like it, it's for a short time. Other times i just feel too distant and end up arguing with people. So I just feel like I need a short-term break.

    Mark - I know you're prolly gonna get upset about this but don't worry, it's only short-term. I will still be going on wiki chats (Yes like 2 broke girls, and maybe glee). But just so you know: Yes I still love you, No this blog doesn't mean we're breaking up(I wouldn't do that, i'm not horrible).

    Joey - You're also prolly gonna be shocked, I didn't know what to say for you because we've had our ups and downs, but you've stuck by me throug…

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  • ShoeyOTP

    Not Needed

    March 25, 2013 by ShoeyOTP
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  • ShoeyOTP


    A group of 4 friends (The Main characters) who met on a wikia and found out they all go to the same school, but had never bumped into each other.
    So they decide to meet up at their school and the groups friendship goes uphill.
    Until one day a new student joins (undercover) and trys to cause trouble to the group by splitting them up.
    But thoose 5 people don't know is there is a love square going on.
    They must come to terms with their crush and admit it to their crushes.
    What the group of friends don't know is they're all wanted for unknown crimes and the person who caused trouble knowns their crimes.

    Tom Parker (Their crush is Main Female 2)
    Main Male 2 (Their crush is Main Female 1)
    Main Female 1 (Their crush is Main Mal…

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