I know you're all going to be shocked from this because I'm on the chat quite a lot. But i just need a break, lately I don't feel like i fit in and when I do feel like it, it's for a short time. Other times i just feel too distant and end up arguing with people. So I just feel like I need a short-term break.

Mark - I know you're prolly gonna get upset about this but don't worry, it's only short-term. I will still be going on wiki chats (Yes like 2 broke girls, and maybe glee). But just so you know: Yes I still love you, No this blog doesn't mean we're breaking up(I wouldn't do that, i'm not horrible).

Joey - You're also prolly gonna be shocked, I didn't know what to say for you because we've had our ups and downs, but you've stuck by me through everything that's happened and will continue to be my best friend (and the only best friend that's ever stuck by me through rough times, which is why i feel i still have a connection with you even if we seem to be getting distant).

Tom - We have also been friends through everything, and have never once had a fight. I feel like you're my brother even though you not (On the wiki and in real life). I feel like i can have fun and be playful around you (even though i dislike your spanish talking moments with mau).

Nasia - I know we're not as close but i feel like no matter how hard i tried befriending you (and ending with us arguing) and all our ups and downs, i feel as if you will always be a friend, even if you don't choose to show it. I will always like your times when you obsess over Jacob Artist or Jarley.

Everyone else: Even though you aren't mentioned here you will still be friends with me, and I will still like/love you all. I just feel like half the time i'm the player on the sideline and is never invited to join in with whatever it is that is happening.

(Also if anyone wants to contact me you have my twitter or skype and I will/might be on the glee wiki chat for a short time)

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