So I'm starting a new story-fanfic about 6 freshly-graduated teenagers from high-school starting their own magazine business. FAME stands for Fashion, A is for Arts, M is for music and E is for entertainment. Cool.gif


Main Characters



Recurring Characters

  • Lucy Hale as Euro
  • TBA as TBA



6 graduates (3 boys/girls) from high-school are looking for something to do. When they cross paths, they invent an idea of making a magazine.


  • Fashion - Natalya Parris
  • Music - Phoenix Belair
  • Entertainment - Mark Washington
  • Editor - Ellie Hawthrone
  • Weather/Local News - John Brewer
  • Sports - Tom Parker



Mark assembles three people to launch his magazine. By doing that he gets Natalya fired, and gets Tom on board.

Looking Up

Tom helps Ellie when she needs it most and Mark tries to reconcile things with Natalya but doesn't go as well as planned.


Tom and Ellie share a moment while Mark and his new co-members try and find a working environment to launch their magazine.


The gang try and find a suitable name for the magazine while John tries to get Tom and Ellie get closer.


The magazine's first issue is released and it creates a lot of buzz, so they hold a party.


Natalya Parris

She was the popular girl in high-school. She was always on top, even on the cheerleader triangle. Now rich and single in New York, she is ready to start a magazine.

Mark Washington

The fun, prankster which is generally love-able. At times, can be annoying but deep in his heart he's fun and sweet at the same time. He's like a big teddy-bear. He is well known for his father's candy shop, "Washington Sweets". Mark lives with Ellie.

John Brewer

The local handyman. You need something done? Go to him. He's the know it all, not in the annoying way but is always handy when Google's down. You need the time? The weather? Needa man, he's there. He used to go to the same high-school as Ellie, Mark and Natalya.

Phoenix Belair

She stands on her own two feet. Her parents own a music store so from an early age she loved music. Her favourite artist is P!nk.

Ellie Hawthorne

Ellie is our editor. She pieces all our work together to make one beautiful magazine. She is the final step to make this magazine what it is. Before the magazine though, she works at the local coffee shop.

Tom Parker

Tom works at the coffee shop with Ellie. He was always good at making comics and he believes that he'll get famous being an artist. He used to attend the same high-school as Ellie, Mark and Natalya. He left for an unknown reason.

More Characters

We got 6 main characters, but we also need some recurring characters.

  • Neighbour of Mark Washington & Ellie Hawthorne
  • Cousin of John
  • Sister of Natalya

If you want to be in it then just put your name below and we'll work something out Emoticon_content.png

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