aka Batman

  • I live in Països Baixos
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is Ostrich Babysitter
  • I am Ancient
  • Sunriseondarkenedseas
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  • Sunriseondarkenedseas

    So dear Americans,

    Happy fourth of July!! The day that you guys

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  • Sunriseondarkenedseas

    Yesterday I already started about this, but because several people weren’t online at the time and because I want to explain everything about it, I’m writing this thing.

    In the past I’ve written several blogs about how should behave and breaking the rules et cetera et cetera, and because it’s happening again; why not write another one.

    This blog might be even more important than the ones before, because now the behavior on the wiki includes bullying. And what I think bullying on this wiki includes:

    • Calling people names (not like “bitch” or anything, we know that’s just joking)
    • Talking bad about people without reason when they’re not online and laugh about them
    • Making groups and excluding other people because “they do not fit”

    (probably a few more…

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  • Sunriseondarkenedseas

    Nasia, Ty and I were playing this game this evening/morning and we had fun doing it. You know how every member has his own way of talking/expressing themselves, so what we did was saying something that one of our members would say and the other had to guess who it was. I saved most of the impressions, so here’s your choice to guess who it is.

    To make this fun, answer everything first before looking at the comments.

    Note: We didn’t do too much impressions, only a few people, so feel free to do one yourself

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  • Sunriseondarkenedseas

    Hey there all,

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to be really active on here for some time. Something happened today in rl and that makes it kinda hard for me to be online so much. I don’t know how long it will take, might be a few days, could be a month, but I will most certainly be back full time soon haha. Oh and this doesn’t mean I won’t be on chat at all btw, I still come on so now and then, but probably not really late, when most people are online.

    Okay, bye now, see you all soon.

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