... Sam is back! And we’re very glad to have her back, although she left a few minutes after she came in, that doesn’t matter though, we were so happy we were still greeting her after she left.

...There is still trouble in paradise for Masia. Did Nasia cheat on Manuel with Jake or not?

... Nasia and Joey had a father and daughter fight. She called the child protective people thing, but they wouldn’t come. Joey called the parent protection people thing. They didn’t came either.

... Apparrantly, Shoey should meet, get married and have 3 children, Xavier, Fred and Amanda. (And not adopt a Mexican child and name him Manuel)

... Nasia loves to bounce. But not with Manuel, only with Jake.

... We still don’t know what Mau or Manuel look like.

... Joey didn’t want Shan to leave, so he spammed a lot. Nasia wanted to kick his ass for spam.

... Shoey is the adorable one, Andany is the sexual one, Masia is the not sure on.

... Nasia just ate, but she’s still hungry. Maybe the bouncing makes her hungry.

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