So it’s been a long time since I did my “What did we learn on chat today?” blogs, so since a lot happened yesterday, I’m doing a new one!

… Trolling on other wiki’s doesn’t always lead to bad things, it can also lead to new members.
… Nasia is still barely participating in the gif wars that happen on her wall, but I’m sure she’s secretly enjoying that.
… Delilah promised that she will slap Joey everytime he uses an English word instead of American, but actually she just likes to slap people and she just needed a reason for it.
… Nasia is becoming a swearing sailor (and Joey likes it)
… John likes blonde jokes, Deli likes black jokes and Tyler and Elly like offensive jokes. We know that very well right now, right John?
… Delilah thinks she’s only slutty as a blonde
… Joey nowadays stays on chat until he falls asleep and is logged off from chat by his iPod.
… A new couple is happening on the wiki, feel free that start shipping Lilohn or Johly
… Nina likes to break off the chat, but only like a sir.
… Everyone is always hungry while on chat.
… I have been told that we now have a Delilah 2.0, I haven't met her personally yet (AshamedEmo), but I'm already scared for the slut attack

I want to add more, but I can’t remember everything, since a) I was half asleep during b) I wasn’t there.

Okay bye Emoticon_happy.png

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