Okay, I didn’t want to do this, but I had to, otherwise Delilah would’ve kidnapped Nasia. So here we are again with “what did we learn on chat today”.

…. Whenever you go on chat these days, I can guarantee you that there will be talking about skins. If you don’t watch it, you’re going to have a hard time.

… Effy is fan favorite, Freddie is hot (not my words), Cook is creepy.


… Deli really really really loves dying hair. Shan has damaged her hair. Elly’s hair gets red in summer. Why are we even talking about hair?

… Our new Did you know section:

  • ... Delilah is the hottest person on the wiki
  • ... Delilah was voted friendliest on the wiki
  • ... Delilah didn't do this

… John has a secret

… Delilah and John are very demanding

… John is the new Manuel

… the Angel.gif emoticon is not allowed around Delilah

… Delilah is a virus.

… Delilah hurt her finger because she bit on it.

… Nasia is the new hairdresser of the wiki {{quesal}}

… Nowadays everyone tells each other that they have to pee

… It’s not season, but series in England. Don’t you dare to say otherwise.

… Chat mods are black, according to Nasia Emoticon_wink.png

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