... Nasia taught us all to rifl. If you are rifling, you are no longer rolling on the floor, but rolling in the floor. Nasia is still stuck in the floor from all the riffling.

... We are all happily celebrating Christmas. Although she who must not be named tries to make this impossible for us. We still love her very much though. Bah Humbug!

... Very soon it’s Samau’s first month together! Congratulations to them both.

... Sam has given her boobs new names. We’re not going to say what their names are, it’s not suitable for children younger than 16 years.

... Nasian is very, very, very contagious.

... They say it’s Christmas evening tonight, but it’s more like Makeout evening. There hasn’t been a day that there have been so many makeouts.

... Eloise is officially part of the Shoey family. She now shares the Shoey anger.

... Nasbit is the word of the day. Nasian of the day: Brbv, Kag and Byr.

... We all had our ups and downs today on chat, but in the end we still love each other dearly and we can’t be without each other. Have a very merry Christmas all and don’t listen to a certain person. Aardappel navidad!

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