I have two story ideas. You guys pick the one you like better, if you want me to write both tell me and I'll write them back to back (:

There are these two high school children and they hate each other... a lot. As the high school year progresses, strange things happen to both of them and one day they both get drunk and have s*x. The girl doesn't realize she's pregnant and she realizes it too late when she's 3 months in. She asks the doctor for an abortion but he says it's at risk because she might die. During 8 months, she decides she wants to get an abortion and she does, staying alive. After that, spooky stuff starts to happen and her close ones start to die. She goes to a psychariatrist and figures out that the one who is behind all this is her unborn baby that she killed, and he wants his revenge on the world. The father of the baby tries to protect the mother but his efforts fail and he dies a very brutal death. The girl is next, what does she do, what happens? Vote for this story to find out!

There are two people, husband and wife (18 and 19 years old.) They love each other dearly and would do anything for each other. One day, they both are in a car crash and the husband dies. The woman can't bear it any longer and goes crazy and she tries to commit suicide but a doctor saves her and they both fall in love. The husband is actually alive and he tries to surprise the woman by bringing her flowers, he goes to her house and her door is open, he goes up to her room and sees her making out with the doctor about to start s*x. He is bewildered and storms off, and the woman doesn't know what to do. She starts cutting... want to see the drama unfold? Vote for this story to find out!

Please vote for your favorite story! :D

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