Note: Bold means that the country made it through to the finals

Order Country Artist Song Stars Placing
1 Austria Natália Kelly "Shine" ★★★ 7th
2 Estonia Birgit "Et uus saaks alguse" ★★★ 11th
3 Slovenia Hannah "Straight Into Love" ★★★ 8th
4 Croatia Klapa s Mora "Mižerja 16th
5 Denmark Emmelie de Forest "Only Teardrops" ★★★★★ 1st
6 Russia Dina Garipova "What If" ★★ 14th
7 Ukraine Zlata Ognevich "Gravity" ★★★★ 4th
8 The Netherlands Anouk "Birds" ★★★★★ 2nd
9 Montenegro Who See "Igranka" 15th
10 Lithuania Andrius Pojavis "Something" ★★


11 Belarus Alyona Lanksaya "Solayoh" ★★★★ 6th
12 Moldova Aliona Moon "O mie" ★★★★ 5th
13 Ireland Ryan Dolan "Only Love Survives" ★★★ 10th
14 Cyprus Despina Olympiou "An me thimasai" ★★ 12th
15 Belgium Roberto Bellarosa "Love Kills" ★★★★★ 3rd
16 Serbia Moje 3 "Ljubav je svuda" ★★★ 9th

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