The House in the Middle of Nowhere

Season Two
Created by Delilah Byrd

So after the cancelation of season one of The House in the Middle of Nowhere, Shan has been pestering me to make a season two, and I think I may do it. Depending on if you guys sign up or not, I need at least 10 of you to sign up and tell me a little bit of how you want to be displayed in the show. Also, if I have an odd number of sign ups, one of you will not make it, sorry. I'd also really love to have new faces so Nina, Lily, Liz, Brandon, and Justin are automatically in, hehe.


  • Lily
  • Nina
  • Liz
  • Justin
  • Brandon
  • John
  • T-t-t-Tyler
  • Ellie
  • Shan

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