Saints is a fanfic idea I came up with that would involve everyone on the wiki. It has the same idea as a teen drama show  - people attending college and well...drama. It's set in the fictional Saints College of Manchester, England. Each episode is narrated by a different character and closely follows the format of Skins. I'm looking for 10 characters for generation one and each character will narrate one episode, and two characters will narrate one episode together.

Audition Form

  • Name: Your first name and a fictional last name
  • Sex: Your gender
  • Sexuality: Your sexuality
  • Birthday: Your birthday
  • Personality: Your personality, any quirks, likes/dislikes, etc
  • History: A brief biography on your character
  • Celebrity Portrayer: Your celebrity portrayer
  • Any Storylines That Interest You: Note: Optional

Thanks Emoticon_happy.png


Main Cast

  • Alicia Josipovic as Nasia Artist, a party girl who somehow hides her drug addictions from everyone close to her
  • Crystal Reed as Shannon "Shan" Donnegan, a sweet girl who must learn to support her newly broke family
  • Freddie Highmore as Mauricio "Mau" Hyacinth, a manipulative but trustworthy friend
  • Vanessa Morgan as Delilah McCool, a rebellious rocker chick
  • Brant Daughterty as Joey Mitchell, a sweet and smart boy who is insecure with himself
  • Selena Gomez as Nina Prescott, a sweet religious girl with a hopeless crush
  • Alex Pettyfer as Tyler Presley, a womanizing yet sensitive young man
  • Josh Hutcherson as John Ryder, a footballer secretely insecure about his past
  • Hayden Panetteire as Cassidy Williams, a newly out of the closet girl hoping to explore her sexuality

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