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    Draw Country Artist Song Stars My Placing Placing
    01 Ukraine Mariya Yaremchuk "Tick-Tock" ★★★ 18 06
    02 Belarus Teo "Cheesecake" ★★ 21 16
    03 Azerbaijan Dilara Kazimova "Start a Fire" ★★★★ 10 22
    04 Iceland Pollapönk "No Prejudice" ★ 26 15
    05 Norway Carl Espen "Silent Storm" ★★ 22 08
    06 Romania Paula Seling & Ovi "Miracle" ★ 24 12
    07 Armenia Aram MP3 "Not Alone" ★★★ 15 04
    08 Montenegro Sergej Ćetković "Moj svijet" ★★★ 16 19
    09 Poland Donatan & Cleo "My Słowianie - We Are Slavic" ★★★★ 14 14
    10 Greece Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd "Rise Up" ★★ 20 20
    11 Austria Conchita Wurst "Rise Like a Phoenix" ★★★★★ 03 01
    12 Germany Elaiza "Is It Right" ★★★★ 08 18
    13 Sweden Sanna Nielsen "Undo" ★★★★★ 02 03
    14 France TWIN TWIN "Moustache" ★ 25 26
    15 Russi…

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    Order Country Artist Song Stars My Placing
    01 Armenia Aram MP3 "Not Alone" ★★★ 07
    02 Latvia Aarzemnieki "Cake to Bake" 16
    03 Estonia Tanja "Amazing" ★★★★ 05
    04 Sweden Sanna Nielsen "Undo" ★★★★★ 01
    05 Iceland Pollapönk "No Prejudice" 15
    06 Albania Hersi "One Night's Anger" ★★★ 08
    07 Russia Tolmachevy Sisters "Shine" ★★★★★ 02
    08 Azerbaijan Dilara Kazimova "Start a Fire" ★★★ 09
    09 Ukraine Mariya Yaremchuk "Tick-Tock" ★★ 11
    10 Belgium Axel Hirsoux "Mother" ★★ 12
    11 Moldova Cristina Scarlat "Wild Soul" ★★ 13
    12 San Marino Valentina Monetta "Maybe" ★★★ 10
    13 Portugal Suzy "Quero ser tua" ★ 14
    14 Netherlands The Common Linnets "Calm After the Storm" ★★★★★ 03
    15 Montenegro Sergej Ćetković "Moj svijet" ★★★★ 06
    16 Hungary András Kállay-Saunders "Running" ★★★★ 04

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    Albania: “Identitet” or "One Night’s Anger"?
    Armenia: “Lonely Planet” or "Not Alone"? (tie)
    Austria: “Shine” or "Rise Up Like A Phoenix"?
    Azerbaijan: “Hold Me” or "Start a Fire"?
    Belarus: “Solayoh” or "Cheesecake"?
    Belgium: "Love Kills" or “Mother”?
    Denmark: “Only Teardrops” or “Cliche Love Song”?
    Estonia: “Et uus saaks alguse” or “Amazing”?
    Finland: “Marry Me” or “Something Better”?
    France: “L’enfer et Moi” or “Moustache”?
    Georgia: "Waterfall" or “Three Minutes to Earth”?
    Germany: “Glorious” or "Is It Right"?
    Greece: “Alcohol Is Free” or “Rise Up”?
    Hungary: “Kedvesem” or "Running"?
    Iceland: "Ég Á Líf" or “No Prejudice”?
    Ireland: “Only Love Survives” or “Heartbeat”?
    Israel: “Rak Bishvilo” or “Same Heart”?
    Italy: "L’ESSENZIALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

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  • Uniquenay

    Thats right america, theres a chance that FTF (aka FTTF) might be returning to our televisions! We saw nasia at a local park the other day and this is what she told us

    Nasia: "The chat has been pretty active lately, which is surprising because for months no one was in it. After people started coming back, the producers have been questioning whether to do a season four or not. Many of us have slightly busy schedules, but we also have enough free time to possibly make this happen. A few months ago, we were asked by someone if they could start a new season, but we declined. The show has never been officially canceled by us, i'll give you that!"

    Reporter: "This is exciting news!!"

    Nasia: "Yes very exciting! Our second season only featured 9 conte…

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  • Uniquenay


    January 31, 2014 by Uniquenay


    signups are closed >:)

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