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So i couldn't even go a whole week without making a new competition after TBF was over.  Haha, anyway. This competition is quite self explanatory. I have to say though, this was the second choice on my list. Both ideas that came to mind where going to be titled "The Unknown" but they were different.

1st choice- I was going to choose a person to be the unknown every round. They would say something random, something that will make everyone question who it is. Then everyone has to guess who's the person that said it.

I canceled this idea because Mau created the secret game and i said its not the same, but very similar. Then my second choice, which i was also going to cancel because at first it sounded similar to John's new competition. After he showed us how the game worked i realized it wasn't the same after all. (Yes im rambling deal with it >:o )

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: There will be a short story every round, which will include you guys. After the story is over, there will be a question you have to solve. Use your brain. 

Everyone who answers correctly gets 5 points. The first person who answers correctly gets 10. When you are submitting your answer, leave it in the comments. We don't need pm's in this game. 

Oh and once again, NO ELIMINATIONS. Wooooo


  1. Joebear
  2. Mau
  3. Lele
  4. Johnathan
  5. Shrek
  6. Branflakes
  7. Cannon
  8. Tylerwyler
  9. Marlo

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