We were in chat and had the idea to create a Wiki Soccer Team. Maybe Soccer is not everyone's favorite sport, but we thought this would be fun.

The team name is Mighty Lions.


The Team.

Joey - Keeper. Plays with number 1. Is the team captain.

Mau - Left-Back. Plays with number 2. He defends against the opponent's winger.

Ellie - Centre-Back. Plays with number 3. She's the tough one. Her nickname is "The Wall". 

Nadia - Sweeper. Plays with number 4. She is in charge of reading the game.

Mark - Right-Back. Plays with number 5. He defends against the opponent's winger and helps Andrew with his job.

John - Left-Half. Plays with number 6. He helps Nasia trying to unblock her path.

Tom - Attacking Midfield. Plays with number 7. Creates the game, helps attacking and defending.

Andrew - Right-Half. Plays with number 8. The fast one. He tries to generate goal opportunites running in the right.

Tyler - Left-Wing and Second Striker. Plays with number 9. Helps Nasia and also tries to score when he has the opportunity.

Nasia - Centre-Forward. Plays with number 10. She often unblocks Shan or Tyler's path and then moves to the middle, trying to generate goal opportunities.

Shan - Right-Wing. Plays with number 11. Collaborates with Andrew and tries to generate free spaces.

Delilah and Brandon are cheerleaders. And I may do a Fan-Fic about this Emoticon_laughing.png

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