This is a song I wrote. There are many different elements. A ballad element, A hard rock element, A guitar solo, A piano solo. There is also no chorus. It's meant to be a very long song. I hope you all enjoy. I wrote in the solos, and when it switches and shit like that so you can get the feel

(Soft, Pretty Piano music)

Oh my dear my time has come, please don’t cry
Though the end is near oh I can see
The angels singing in your sad, sad eyes
And all of your tears are because of me

I know I don’t have long, I remember the day I first held you in my arms
The day you were born, the day I told you I’d never let you be harmed
Now here you are at the side of my bed, kissing my cheek for the final time
Nothing in the future matters, All that does is that for now you’re mine

For the past 10 years you were my little girl, today you become a woman
We’re both crying know, but lets remember how those 10 years have been
Today the clouds are out and rain is pouring on you as you fill with sorrow
But you must always remember that the sun will come out tomorrow

This disease has taken my hair, my strength, and its toll
But it cannot take my heart, my mind, and my soul
Tell your mother to clean up all of her clutter
And get a doctor to get some water for your father

And why oh why is this happening to me?
But my little baby can’t you see?
That my love for you will always be true
And the hardest part of this is leaving you

The hardest part of this is leaving you

(Music switches to hard rock)

What kind of man am I?
Leaving my daughter hear alone!
I just want to fly away like a bird in the sky
Get me out of this hospital! I Want to go home!

What did I ever do to you?
Why do you have to make my little daughter blue?
I know that I’ve wronged many people in my life
But why do I have to leave my dear daughter and my wife?

(2 minute electric guitar solo)

(switches back to soft, pretty piano)

Oh dear this is the end
Letters from Heaven, I will send
And I can see the angels are here to take me
And one day you will be an angel too

You were always my baby from the start
And you’ll always be in my heart

(90 second piano solo)
(“angels” playing the harp)

You’re still in my heart