Veku 123
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Birthday 30th November
Age 17
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Hometown The Atlantic Ocean
Nicknames Tom, Tommy, Bro, Shuffle Guy (Everyone)
Tim, Son, Timmy, Timmy Tim, Lazy Cow, Timsky, Remy, Lazy Ass(Joey)
Tmo, Sun, Vuvu, Doo Doo Head (Shan)
Timothy (Tyler and Mark) Shrek, Shreko (Nasia) Baby (Brandon)
Our Family Is Better Than Yours
User Level Normal User
Creator of Mighty Lions

Veku123, aka Tom, is a member of the Our Family Is Better Than Yours family.

Place In The Family TreeEdit

Tom is Joey's and Nasia's son. His brothers are Mau, Brandon and Justin


  • He loves shuffling and is a fan of LMFAO.
  • He often helps Ellie with the "Slender Game".
  • He's always with his Beats on.
  • His favorite colors are Orange, Green and Sky Blue.
  • He's 1'90 m.
  • Calls his father Jiey and his mother Sahn.
  • He plays Basketball, Tennis and Soccer.
  • He really likes Rap.
  • Is an only child.
  • He wants to study in Columbia University.
  • Sometimes tries to joke, but nobody gets him (He got this from his father).
  • He invented a Hi-Bye System with Jiey and Sahn.
  • Got his slowness from his mother. Shakefist.gif
  • He can predict the future.
  • Has an own emoticon (The Shrek One).
  • Is a member of Spotlight.
  • Plays in the Wiki Soccer Team and is an attacking midfield.
  • Has been to U.S.A 11 times, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Cuba, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Peru and Dominican Republic.
  • His shoe size is 45/2.
  • Wants to sleep on Central Park.
  • Loves going on Soccer Memes Wars with Jiey.
  • Loves pizza, specially with ham.
  • He is the biggest fan of Spider-Man.
  • He wants to be Spider-Man.
  • His favorite soccer team is Peñarol, and in second place, Real Madrid.
  • Loves everything about Apple, from the store to the products.
  • Always, but ALWAYS, throws up on planes.
  • Likes throwing up on planes.
  • He loves New York, and will always be his favorite city.
  • Likes fast foods places in U.S.A, because in Uruguay he can't grab all the drinks he wants.
  • Once ate a Stacker x6 in Burger King.
  • He finished Plants VS Zombies 4 times.
  • He loves games when you have a whole world to explore.
  • If he had to choose one power, he would choose the ability to fly.
  • When he's sad, he grabs a paper, writes all his feeling, and then throws it in the trash.
  • Is really lazy.
  • Hates when the girl he likes is in a group with her friends all the time.
  • Loves speaking his mind to the people he doesn't like when they're too annoying.
  • Doesn't have patience.
  • Loves the sun after rain.
  • Likes falling in love, but when the thing gets painful, his stomach brokes and is depressed for 1 week.
  • Loves plane's food.
  • Likes Call Of Duty.
  • Loves being romantic and treating women well.
  • Runs really fast because his legs are very long.
  • Loves Naruto and Dragon Ball Z.
  • Likes spending his time in Yahoo! Answers.
  • Loves British and Scottish accent.
  • According to all his teachers, he should be a writer, and he loves to write, but in Spanish. That is the reason he doesn't write too many stories on the wiki.
  • Prefers Marvel over DC.


*grabs knife*
*cuts pizza*

I like potatoes.

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