Warrior About - In Warrior each week there will be a riddle. You will have to solve it. You will give me your answer in PM on chat. Then once you've correctly solved the riddle, whoever won the challenge will be able to compete a challenge. Whoever is the last to solve will automatically go into the bottom 2. If the winner declines to do the challenge, then the 2nd person to finish will have a chance to and so on and so forth. Whoever completes the challenge will be safe. And the winner will pick the other person at risk. Then people will vote on who they want to leave. The game was created by John.

New Version- There will be  a riddle, the first person to guess right will be safe. Then people will have 5 votes. (Sorta like Battle of the OTPs) and you will separate them 4/1 or 3/2 between two people. Then the person with the most votes will leave.


Contenders Current Ranking
Joey 1st
Nasia 2nd
Mau 3rd
Mark 4th
Brandon 5th
Tom 6th

Contestant Progress

Episode 1 2 3 4
Brandon Nasia
Joey Brandon Mark 0 votes WINNER
Mark Brandon Mau
Mau Brandon Mark 2 votes
Nasia Not Needed Mark 1 vote RUNNER UP
Tom Quit

 IN  The contestant was safe that week.

 WIN  The contestant won the challenge that week but was not first to figure out the riddle.

 RIGHT  The contestant was the first to figure out the riddle but declined to do the challenge that week.

 LOW  The contestant was almost eliminated.

 OUT  The contestant was eliminated.

Episode 1

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