Me and hannah with the Gpigs
Birthday 2nd March 1995
Age 21
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Height 5'10/5'11
Hometown Pembroke
Nicknames New Tom (Shan)
Tim Jr (Tyler)
Tommy (Delilah)
Our Family Is Better Than Yours
User Level 9000+

WelshLadT, aka New Tom, is a member of the Our Family Is Better Than Yours! family.

Place In The Family TreeEdit

In the family tree Thomas is the father of Justin and Mau and the sibling of Nasia.


  • Is right handed and right footed
  • Loves marvel and DC with Deadpool being favorite marvel superhero/villian and Batman being favorite DC Hero.
  • Love all music but rock is the favored genre
  • Favorite band is Bullet for my valentine (heavy metal)
  • Plays quite abit of sport with Basketball being the favorite
  • Can speak English, Cymreag (Welsh) and some Espanol (Spanish)
  • Has five sisters and one brother 
  • Family backrounds are Irish and English but has lived in Wales for some generations so mostly Welsh
  • not religious but respects everyones views :) 
  • Fears nothing except angry mothers D:
  • Considering becoming a model or a adult film star
  • Loves misfits as well Doctor Who and other various shows
  • Usually has a crush on three girls at once
  • Goes to College and studies ICT while already passing courses in Business and Entrepreneurship
  • knows how to have a laugh with others
  • Adores Nina
  • A SKYLIT DRIVE - Save Me Tragedy03:14

    A SKYLIT DRIVE - Save Me Tragedy

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