Who Said That was a competition created by Shan but after some old members leaving and me not being as active, the competition sorta died. Some old members who were in it would know what it's about but for the ones who don't, then check below, you can also click this.


Who Said That? is an upcoming competition created by Shan. The basics of this is every other day or so I will ask any active member on the wiki any random thing or give me a random quote or I will look out on chat for any hilarious moments and your aim is to try guess who said it. If I ask a certain person I will give a list of names BUT if I look in main chat for a quote you guys have to figure it out for yourselves (no list of names, you HAVE to remember).


The Rules will stay the same as the previous competition.

Sign Ups:

  • Deli
  • Nina
  • Justin
  • Sean
  • Hannah
  • Brandon

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